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Fender Benders May Lead to Earlier Death: Traumatic Brain Injury

Written by Tom Crosley
Brain Injuries, Car Accidents, Catastrophic Personal Injury, Vehicle Wrecks

In a recent study of traumatic brain injury patients, nearly 80% of those injured were involved in motor vehicle accidents or falls. The majority of these individuals had minimal findings with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), suggesting that axonal injury had not occurred. However, when compared to a control group, those with traumatic brain injury showed increased numbers of dilated high convexity Virchow-Robin Spaces (VRS). This was particularly apparent in younger subjects, where dilated VRS are less likely to be associated with any other factors, such as aging and other disease progression.

These Virchow-Robinson Spaces, also known as perivascular spaces, are part of the subpial space that surrounds arteries and veins coming from the cerebral cortex of the brain. There are several types of VRS, but the type implicated by traumatic brain injury is usually high-convexity VRS. In previous research, studies showed that the inflammatory infiltration that results from brain trauma can cause early breakdown of the blood-brain barrier. This barrier helps protect the brain from the majority of viruses and other possibly harmful substances found in the blood. If compromised, a defective blood-brain barrier can potentially lead to increased disease, dementia, and possible death.

What may have seemed to be a minor vehicular accident could turn into a drastically life-altering event. A highly experienced San Antonio law firm can help you obtain financial compensation. Brain injury does not need to be severe to cause major harm. Mild trauma makes up 80% of the over 2,000,000 new cases of traumatic brain injury occurring each year in the U.S. A third of these cases will face some kind of neurologic or cognitive deficit. Inflammatory cells produce free radicals and cytokines, which are destructive to surrounding cells, such as neurons and oligodendrocytes. These problems may be permanent, making it that much more important to ensure that families receive compensation. Contacting a personal injury lawyer from Crosley Law Firm can help ease the financial burden faced by any family or victim.

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