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How to Talk to a Telehealth Doctor About Your Car Accident Injuries

Written by Tom Crosley
Nov 25, 2020 Car Accidents, Personal Injury
  1. 1. After a Crash, Medical Care Is Essential
  2. 2. What Is Telehealth or Telemedicine?
  3. 3. When Should Car Crash Survivors Use Telehealth?
  4. 4. How Do I Get the Most Out of a Telehealth Appointment?
  5. 5. Worried About Your Medical Bills? It’s Time to Consult With a Car Crash Lawyer
  6. 6. Crosley Law: San Antonio’s Trusted Car Wreck Lawyers

How to Talk to a Telehealth Doctor About Your Car Accident Injuries

As Texas grapples with COVID-19, many of us are wondering whether we should go to the doctor. Whether you’re worried about exposure to the coronavirus or using up valuable medical resources, we understand your concern. However, if you have injuries from a car accident, you must get the medical care you desperately need.

People are increasingly turning to telemedicine for routine medical care—and it’s a good option for some car crash victims. Telehealth is a popular way to receive healthcare services virtually. It allows you to receive care, advice, reminders, and intervention from a healthcare professional from the safety and convenience of your home.

In this article, the injury lawyers at Crosley Law explain how telemedicine can help with your recovery and strengthen your legal claims.

After a Crash, Medical Care Is Essential

Even if you think just you have minor “bumps and bruises,” it’s a good idea to see a doctor after a car wreck. First, those seemingly minor aches and pains could be signs of a developing injury. Early treatment can help you avoid unwanted complications and reduce your suffering. The sooner you schedule a doctor’s appointment, the sooner you’ll get the medical care and diagnoses that you need.

Second, when you see a doctor, they will record a lot of information about your crash, injuries, symptoms, and medical needs. During a personal injury claim, your doctor’s records will be valuable evidence, linking your injuries to the wreck, documenting your treatment, and explaining your limitations. It’s incredibly difficult to negotiate a fair settlement or win a jury award without consistent and compelling medical evidence.

However, many crash victims are worried about visiting their doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth can help you bridge this gap safely and efficiently.

What Is Telehealth or Telemedicine?

When you use a telehealth service, you consult with a doctor virtually. While some telehealth visits occur by phone, most use an app or website. A telehealth appointment is similar to a regular doctor’s visit, except you will be meeting virtually instead of in person. Your doctor might have a specific platform or software to use and may want to communicate via phone, video chat, or a messenger app. You will discuss your symptoms, ask questions, and talk with your doctor about your injuries. Be sure to give as much information as you can so your doctor will be able to offer the best possible care.

From there, your doctor will be able to assess and offer care from a distance. They will determine if any additional information is needed, labs or tests run, and they will instruct you how to access further care. They will also be able to assess whether an in-person follow up is necessary.

Telemedicine offers many benefits:

  • You can often schedule same-day telehealth appointments
  • You don’t need to travel to a medical clinic or doctor’s office
  • Telehealth appointments may be less expensive than in-person appointments
  • Virtual visits can help slow the spread of COVID-19

Telemedicine offers an exciting option for car wreck victims, especially if it’s difficult for them to travel due to their injuries, lack of transportation, or other health concerns. However, there are circumstances when telehealth is not the right option.

When Should Car Crash Survivors Use Telehealth?

Before you log in for a virtual visit, assess the severity of your medical needs. If you have life-threatening injuries or need emergency medical services, you should go to the emergency room. However, if you need to follow up with your doctor about your chronic back pain, crash-related anxiety, or your home physical therapy program, telehealth is a great option.

If you’re unsure whether telehealth is right for you, please call your doctor’s office for guidance.

How Do I Get the Most Out of a Telehealth Appointment?

If you do choose to use telehealth after a car crash, here are some practical ways you can get the most out of your virtual visit. 

  • Prepare for the appointment: Find a quiet place to have your appointment. Try to find a place with limited distractions so you can focus all your attention on your call. Using headphones helps to cut down on background noise. Be sure you have a strong internet connection. 
  • Gather Your Insurance Information: Whether you are seeing your current doctor or using a telemedicine company to receive care, it’s important to have your insurance information available. For crash victims, now is the time to contact your injury lawyer to help navigate and organize your injury claims.  
  • Make a list of questions and symptoms before the call: Bring a written list of symptoms, injuries, and any questions you have to the appointment. Take a photo of the injury for documentation and keep track of how your symptoms change over time. This will be valuable information for your doctor and your injury lawyer.
  • Take Notes: Recording your call and taking notes is an important step for protecting yourself. This could be valuable information for your injury lawyer as they put together your claim. Be sure to send copies to your lawyer.
  • Update Your Injury Lawyer: Your medical records are essential evidence in your injury claims. Make sure your car accident lawyer knows about your telehealth appointments.

If you have any questions or hesitations about how to proceed, an experienced injury lawyer can help you document your case and explain your injuries. They will assess your claim and inform you about how much your injuries are worth and recommend a course of legal action.

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Worried About Your Medical Bills? It’s Time to Consult With a Car Crash Lawyer

After a car wreck, you should never avoid medical care, either in person or through a telemedicine service, because you’re worried about the bills. As part of your injury claim, you may be able to demand compensation from multiple insurance companies, including the at-fault driver’s liability carrier, your uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance, and your personal injury protection policy.

At Crosley Law, we help crash victims navigate these claims, negotiating with the insurance companies, their health care providers, and health insurance carriers, helping them rebuild after the trauma of a wreck.

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Crosley Law: San Antonio’s Trusted Car Wreck Lawyers

Without guidance from an experienced injury attorney, it can be difficult to recover after a car crash. If you or a loved one suffered life-changing injuries due to a reckless driver, contact Crosley Law for help. We’ve built a reputation for our cutting-edge approach to investigating and litigating car crash claims and have recovered hundreds of millions for our clients.

You can schedule a free consultation and case evaluation by calling us at 210-LAW-3000 | 210-529-3000 or completing our online form.

The content provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject.

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