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Major Commercial Trucking Accident Leads to Fatalities, Significant Traffic Back-ups on US-290

Written by Tom Crosley

A violent accident on US-290 in Houston yesterday morning left two people dead. The crash occurred when an 18-wheeler collided with a car that had broken down in a traffic lane near a construction area. In addition to the two individuals who lost their lives, two others were injured, and the wreck caused a hazmat spill, which left the road closed for several hours.

According to investigators, there were three other passengers sitting in the stalled vehicle while the driver was outside of the car attempting to warn approaching traffic. Unfortunately, the driver of the semi-truck was unable to avoid colliding with the resting vehicle, killing a passenger who had been sitting in the back seat. There were two other passengers in the stalled car, both of whom are now being treated for unknown injuries. The driver of the commercial truck was also killed when his cabin caught fire following the wreck.

Anthony Hogue, the driver of the stalled vehicle, witnessed the horrifying collision firsthand and heard his friend’s final words. “I heard her say, ‘move over, move over, move over,’ and I seen her waving her phone, and then I seen the semi just keep coming,” Hogue said, “Kept coming on, never hit his brakes, try to turn, move out the way or nothing. She jumped out the way and as soon as she jumped out the way, he plowed into the back of us.”

He tried to pull his close friend out from the flaming vehicle after the collision but was unable to do so. “We pulled one passenger out and we tried to pull the other passenger out,” Hogue said, “We tried and tried and tried. We just couldn’t do it.”

Sadly, these accidents happen frequently, especially in the heavily congested areas throughout Central and West Texas. Although the accident described above is tragic and still under investigation, we often find that many crashes involving commercial trucks involve negligence and liability. If you or someone you know has been injured or lost a loved one as a result of a commercial trucking accident, please contact Crosley Law Firm at (877) 535-4529 or fill out this form to receive a free consultation.

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