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Written by Tom Crosley
Catastrophic Personal Injury

If you have been injured or harmed by the negligence of another, you need the immediate protection of your own personal San Antonio injury lawyer.  It only makes sense to have the highest caliber advocate on your side when you or your family has been injured. Loss of work, medical bills and other expenses can add up quickly, leaving you and those you love alone and vulnerable.  The Crosley Law Firm is your fortress in the legal storms that can arise when others are guilty of endangering your health and safety.

Perhaps your first thought is how you will be able to afford such extensive, high-quality representation. The answer is simple:  the acceptance of your case on a contingency fee basis means that you pay nothing and owe nothing until your case is settled. Yes, you read that correctly. Our first priority is protecting and preserving your legal rights without requiring any initial retainer fee from you.  This means that even if you are in debt because of your injuries, there is nothing to prevent you from engaging our services.  In fact, it is all the more reason you must seek immediate legal protection for yourself and the people you love.

Even though our firm is based in Texas, our services extend nationally to offer you the most complete legal network possible. We are a bilingual firm that understands the needs of the Latino community and we are prepared to protect your rights. If injury was caused by your working conditions, a product you have used, medication or medical care you have received, an automobile or trucking accident, or any other type of personal injury, you should call today for a free, confidential consultation with a San Antonio injury lawyer who has your best interests at heart.

You deserve compensation if your injury was caused by another.  The law provides numerous ways in which your legal rights must be protected and your losses remunerated. Prompt attention to your situation is crucial as there are often deadlines which must be observed. Therefore, make today’s priority calling for an appointment to learn how your attorney can offer you life-changing assistance now.  Make that call for the people you care about; they need to have you well and happy.

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