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This case involved what police called a “night of mayhem” in which a man ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms and got behind the wheel, causing several hit-and-run collisions. The plaintiffs of the case were represented by Tom Crosley and Charlie Gustin.

The driver, Austin Hasten, rear-ended our clients in this case. Our clients were turning into the Shipwreck Grill on E. Villa Maria Road when eyewitnesses heard the intoxicated driver revving his engine just before colliding with the plaintiffs’ vehicle. Hasten’s headlights were off as well.

Hasten caused the severe collision with the unsuspecting victims and kept driving. The victims had to be treated for head, neck, and spinal injuries at the College Station Medical Center.

Following this collision, Austin Hasten reportedly drove his truck into the University Gardens Apartments before being arrested. Police stated that, after the final crash of his vehicle that night, Austin “stripped down to his boxers, ran, and punched an officer in the face before being caught.”

Our clients have undergone several invasive medical procedures to address their injuries since the collision. Their doctors have stated that the two victims will require extensive surgical procedures in the future. The plaintiffs agreed to accept a settlement. Our clients’ net settlement after attorney fees and expenses was $306,328.

Attorney Charlie Gustin noted, “We do not consider this unsettling case an ‘accident’ since the driver knowingly ingested these dangerous illegal drugs. However, our clients are relieved to put this sad chapter of their lives behind them.”

Hasten also recently plead guilty to murdering his neighbor, and was sentenced to forty years in prison.

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