In Brain Injuries

In this video, attorney Tom Crosley of the Crosley Law Firm recalls a challenging traumatic brain injury (TBI) case that required a groundbreaking approach.

A client whom Crosley represented began displaying symptoms of an undiagnosed brain injury after a serious motor vehicle crash, but the client’s CT scans and other medical tests produced normal results — a fact which the defense used to discount the possibility of injury.

Convinced that a brain injury had occurred, Crosley pored through dozens of medical journal articles about brain science and imaging to find a test that could document his client’s condition. The resulting discovery made for a first-of-its-kind court case that not only led to a record verdict, but broke new ground in TBI law and set a precedent for how subsequent cases were tried in the process. Crosley says this story speaks to the need for attorneys to remain informed about cutting-edge tests and techniques in medical science.

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