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  1. 1. Understanding Brain Injury Cases
  2. 2. What Are Traumatic Brain Injuries and How do They Happen?
  3. 3. Signs and Symptoms: How TBIs Can Affect Your Life
  4. 4. Crosley Law Fights for Traumatic Brain Injury Victims in San Antonio

Winning a Traumatic Brain Injury Case

Someone is permanently disabled due to a TBI every 80 minutes in Texas. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can happen any time your head is violently shaken, hit, or jostled. While car accidents are one of the most common reasons for TBI in San Antonio, they can also occur when someone falls, is violently attacked, or during another traumatic event.

Regardless of the cause, a TBI can change your life forever – and you may underestimate your damages unless you have a skilled lawyer by your side. Crosley Law’s injury attorneys are uniquely qualified to help San Antonio’s TBI victims. We understand how to investigate these scientifically complex injury claims and build compelling cases for our clients.

Before you or a loved one file or settle your TBI claim, call Crosley Law Firm at 210-LAW-3000 | 210-529-3000. To learn more about San Antonio TBI claims and how they can affect your personal injury lawsuit, keep reading.

“I want to thank you and your staff for all the help you have given me and my family in this matter. If ever I have another issue, you and your firm will be at the top of my list. The whole experience has been excellent. Y’all are truly the best.”

Tina H.

Understanding Brain Injury Cases

What Are Traumatic Brain Injuries and How do They Happen?

Traumatic brain injuries occur when your head is subjected to acceleration, deceleration, blast forces, and direct impacts. If you suffer a skull fracture, debris can pierce your brain’s delicate anatomy. In a closed head injury, your brain’s tissues, blood vessels, and nerves can tear, rip, and stretch, causing both temporary and permanent damage. They are serious injuries that often require immediate medical care, intense rehabilitation, and emotional support.

Common causes of TBIs include:

  • Car crashes and truck wrecks
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle crashes
  • Car-pedestrian collisions
  • Slip and falls
  • Other serious accidents and traumatic incidents

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Immediately after a collision or fall, you may not exhibit visible signs of a brain injury. You may also assume that your headache and the ringing in your ears will go away over time. Unfortunately, this may not happen – many TBI survivors’ symptoms worsen over time.

To protect yourself, it’s best to discuss all of your symptoms with your doctors and seek prompt medical attention after a crash or injury. Studies show that the sooner you start treating your TBI, the better. Just as importantly, your medical records, test results, and treatment plan will help your personal injury lawyers understand the scope of your damages.

Signs and Symptoms: How TBIs Can Affect Your Life

If you suffered a loss of consciousness during an incident, there’s a good chance you have a TBI. However, some people with brain injuries never fully lose consciousness. Instead, they feel woozy, light-headed, or mentally clouded afterward.

Other symptoms associated with traumatic brain injuries include:

  • Frequent and severe headaches
  • Sensory problems, including blurred vision, loss of taste, and ringing ears
  • Behavioral and personality changes, such as mood swings, increased aggression, depression, and anxiety
  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty concentrating, completing tasks, or reading
  • Fatigue and disturbed sleep
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness and problems with balance

Even a mild TBI, such as a concussion, can significantly change your life. However, moderate and severe TBIs can result in death, paralysis, and permanent brain damage.

Insurance companies will often claim that a victim did not suffer a TBI from the crash or suffered only a “minor” TBI in order to minimize the amount they have to pay. At Crosley Law, we fight back and demand fair compensation for accident victims, often using state-of-the-art techniques and scientific research. Our brain injury attorneys can help you and your loved ones understand the real impact and costs associated with a TBI.

Crosley Law helped a San Antonio pedestrian recover a record-breaking TBI settlement after being hit by a delivery driver.

Crosley Law Fights for Traumatic Brain Injury Victims in San Antonio

Tom Crosley is a renowned expert in traumatic brain injury litigation, and other lawyers frequently refer their complex TBI claims to our office. We know that after surviving a traumatic brain injury in San Antonio or Bexar County, you deserve both personalized service and a cutting-edge legal strategy. Crosley Law prides itself on both accounts.

Our clients get the emotional support they need, regular communications, and a team of San Antonio personal injury lawyers who understand the nuances of a TBI. We also partner with leading researchers and doctors in the fields of neurology, neuropsychology, rehabilitation, and long-term care planning when necessary.

Brain damage and head injuries can result in long-lasting and permanent disabilities. Our team looks beyond your current medical bills and lost wages to truly understand your circumstances. We consider a wide variety of losses when calculating a brain injury victim’s damages, including their pain and suffering, future medical needs, and how subtle cognitive changes and memory loss can impact their income and wage-earning capacity.

If you have questions about a traumatic brain injury, contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case and options. Complete our online contact form or call us at 210-LAW-3000 | 210-529-3000 today.


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The content provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject.

4 Signs You May Have an Undiagnosed Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injuries Are on the Rise in the U.S.

Since early detection of TBIs saves lives, we wrote this ebook and are providing it to you and your family free of charge. Here are a just a few of the useful things you can expect from this free ebook:

  • Detailed information about commonly unobserved signs and symptoms of TBI
  • The most common causes of TBI and how to reduce your risk
  • A checklist of useful tips to help you manage your symptoms once you’ve been diagnosed

These could be very serious symptoms of a traumatic brain injury, and you should visit a physician as soon as possible to obtain a diagnosis and to receive essential, potentially life-saving care.

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