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Rhonda’s Story

After a Serious Car Crash, a Victim Finds Strength With Crosley Law

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A Trip to See Family Results in Serious Injuries

While in Illinois visiting family, Rhonda was riding in her cousin’s car. They were stopped in traffic and Rhonda turned sideways to chat with family members. Suddenly, another car rear-ended their vehicle at high speed.

During the crash, Rhonda’s left knee caught on the car’s center console, subjecting her left leg and hip to the full force of the impact. Due to their injuries, she and her family members sought immediate medical treatment at a nearby hospital.

The Crash Damages Rhonda’s Hip, Shoulder, Neck, and Back

After the car crash, Rhonda had difficulties doing everyday activities like using stairs, pushing a shopping cart, walking long distances, and picking up her grandchildren. She avoided large groups of people because she lost her balance easily and feared that a nudge or jostle would cause a fall. She even sold her home and moved to one with fewer stairs.

Doctors diagnosed Rhonda with several serious injuries after the collision:

  • Labral Tear of Her Left Hip

This is a tear of the cartilage that cushions and stabilizes your hip. Your labrum cannot heal on its own. A tear can cause severe pain, catching and clicking in the joint, and hip weakness.

  • Left Rotator Cuff Sprain and Strain

This condition is caused by irritation and swelling of your rotator cuff’s muscles. This can cause pain as well as difficulties reaching, lifting, and using your shoulder.

  • Neck and Back Strains

Tiny tears in your neck and back muscle fibers cause pain and swelling.

She treated her shoulder and spine pain with physical therapy. Unfortunately, her hip trauma required a total hip replacement surgery.

During a total hip replacement, a surgeon removes damaged bone and cartilage. It is then replaced with an artificial joint made of materials such as metal, ceramic, and plastic. While many hip replacements help alleviate the victim’s pain, it is a serious surgery that involves a long and difficult recovery. And the crash victim is never guaranteed a complete recovery, even after this surgery.

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Her First Lawyer Didn’t Listen to Rhonda’s Concerns About Her Car Crash Injuries

Even though she had significant medical bills and her life had changed forever, the Illinois law firm Rhonda initially hired wasn’t invested in her case. According to Rhonda, they pushed her to settle and told her she’d be lucky to get her existing medical bills covered. After a year and a half, Rhonda decided to get a second opinion from Crosley Law.

Crosley Law Steps in, and Rhonda Finds the Strength and Closure She Needs

Rhonda immediately noticed a difference with Crosley Law. She said, “Everyone is very kind and caring. They treated me like family!” Tom Crosley and his team quickly realized that Rhonda’s personal injury claim was more complicated and valuable than she had been told.

Rhonda immediately noticed a difference with Crosley Law. She said, “Everyone is very kind and caring. They treated me like family!” Tom Crosley and his team quickly realized that Rhonda’s personal injury claim was more complicated and valuable than she had been told.

First of all, Rhonda had claims with three different insurance policies in two different states: Texas and Illinois. They included the at-fault driver’s liability policy, her cousin’s personal injury protection (PIP) policy, and her own uninsured/underinsured policy. Because there was competing coverage, the insurance companies were trying to pass the buck to other companies rather than help Rhonda.

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Second, the insurance companies and her previous law firm had not considered Rhonda’s future medical needs. Hip replacements don’t last forever. Typically, the hardware wears out after eight to ten years, and the patient must then undergo another total hip replacement. Each surgery carries risks. Because Rhonda is still relatively young, she might require multiple hip replacement surgeries down the road.

Rhonda was also going to require regular medical monitoring and treatment for her left hip. This could involve diagnostic testing like MRIs and x-rays, appointments with her orthopedic doctor, surgeries, physical therapy, pain management, and other care. Tom Crosley worked with experts who determined Rhonda’s future medical needs and estimated their costs.

Armed with this comprehensive, detailed information, Crosley Law restarted settlement discussions with the insurance companies. After intense and extended negotiations, Rhonda settled all of her claims for $408,461.80.

Just as importantly, Crosley Law helped Rhonda rediscover her strength after a catastrophic injury and her negative experience with the previous law firm. She was so grateful to be working with Crosley Law: “I really felt as though I had no voice. Tom and his associates completely changed that. They empowered me.”

Crosley Law Demands Justice for Car Accident Victims in San Antonio and Throughout Texas

After a car wreck, it’s easy to feel helpless, alone, and afraid. To make matters worse, the insurance companies might try to wear you down and pressure you into a low settlement to make your claim go away. At Crosley Law, we perform detailed investigations and demand justice for our clients. We also pride ourselves on our personalized and compassionate focus on every one of our clients.

If someone’s careless actions injured you or a loved one, contact Crosley Law for a free, no-risk case evaluation. You can contact us at 210-LAW-3000 | 210-529-3000 or by completing our simple, online form.

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