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Joel’s Story

Passenger Vehicle Rear-Ended by 18-Wheeler

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18-Wheeler Propels Passenger Vehicle Into Nearby Traffic

On a warm spring day in Texas, Joel G. was driving along a busy highway when he was suddenly and unexpectantly rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. Due to the force of being struck by the large truck, Joel was propelled forward into several other vehicles, causing additional damage to both Joel and his car.  

On the road in the course of his employment, the truck driver was not only speeding but also paying insufficient attention to the road and his surroundings. Due to his negligent actions, he was unable to apply his brakes in time to keep from rear-ending Joel’s car at a devastating speed. 

The truck driver walked away from the crash uninjured and with very little damage to his truck. Joel, unfortunately, was not so lucky. 

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Joel’s Injuries Left Him Unable to Work or Enjoy His Hobbies and Time With Family

Unsure of the extent of his injuries but experiencing pain in his neck, shoulder, knee, and back, Joel quickly sought medical care. He was diagnosed with: 

  • Torn posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) 
  • Cervical disc disorder 
  • Back pain in the thoracic and lumbar regions 
  • Back radiculopathy that caused pain, weakness, and instability 
  • Cervicalgia, or upper back pain and discomfort
  • Insomnia 

Joel’s injuries were widespread and required significant medical treatment, especially the torn PCL and other damage to his knee. PCL tears can cause intense pain, swelling, and instability — and Joel’s tear was severe.  

As a result of his injuries, Joel underwent multiple epidural injections, MRIs, rehabilitation and physical therapy sessions, and pain management procedures. His medical expenses were extensive and totaled over $100,000, with an estimated additional $10,000 in future medical bills associated with his ongoing physical therapy and pain management. 

Besides causing Joel substantial pain and suffering, his back and knee injuries also made it impossible for him to work. As a self-employed carpenter who crafts custom furniture and woodwork, Joel’s injuries meant he was unable to lift heavy objects or even stand for long periods of time. Being self–employed and out of work caused him additional stress and financial hardship. 

Furthermore, his injuries impacted his hobbies and health routines, as he was unable to enjoy time with his wife and children or run, hike, and canoe regularly as he did before the crash.

“I was very happy with the service I got. I could not have had the positive outcome that I did without [Crosley Law’s] help.”

Facing Extensive Medical Bills, Joel Turned to Crosley Law for Help

Knowing he needed help filing a personal injury claim to get the compensation he deserved, Joel turned to Crosley Law. Truck wrecks in Texas are often far more dangerous than crashes between passenger vehicles, and they’re likewise often far more complex. Crosley Law’s attorneys have experience dealing with the unique aspects of a truck wreck case and quickly got to work collecting evidence and building Joel’s claim. 

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Through thorough research and investigation, Crosley Law was able to get Joel a sizable settlement of $350,000 which covered all his medical expenses and lost income, with money left over to help compensate him for the pain and suffering he experienced.

“I was very happy with the service I got,” said Joel. “I could not have had the positive outcome that I did without [Crosley Law’s] help.” 

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