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Have You Suffered Catastrophic Injuries Because of Someone Else’s Carelessness? Call Crosley Law Firm

A catastrophic injury is a personal injury with especially devastating and life-altering consequences. The victims of these injuries often face long and intensive recoveries, and many of them will never return to the careers, lifestyles, and levels of health they enjoyed before experiencing their injury.

Some injuries that are often considered catastrophic include:

  • Blindness or loss of one or both eyes
  • Severe burns

Why Catastrophic Injury Cases Are Different

Compared to a typical personal injury case, winning a catastrophic injury case requires an entirely different level of expertise, experience, and dedication. At Crosley Law Firm, we have handled dozens of high-profile catastrophic injury cases, and we often receive referrals from other attorneys to handle some of the most complex injury cases they encounter because of our track record in this area. We advocate aggressively and tirelessly for catastrophic injury victims because we understand all too well how someone’s life can suddenly change forever due to another person’s negligent behavior.

Because catastrophic injuries are life-altering and incapacitating for the victims, the legal cases that result often involve extraordinary damages. Establishing the expected future costs and long-term impacts of these unusual injuries may require testimony from a number of experts, including physicians and other medical professionals as well as engineers and/or economists at the forefront of their fields.

Thanks to his years of experience, Tom Crosley has the network of expert resources required to establish damages for victims with an extremely wide range of injuries and related complications. In many past cases, we have retained radiologists, surgeons, and other medical experts to pioneer cutting-edge testing techniques, often setting precedents that other attorneys have later used to help victims with similar injuries.

If you or someone you love has suffered a serious injury due to someone else’s negligence, please contact Crosley Law Firm today. We’ll review your case and discuss your legal options during a free, no-risk initial consultation. Please give us a call, or fill out our quick and easy online contact form and we’ll get in touch with you promptly.

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