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  1. 1. Tire Defects Can Cause Rollovers and Blowouts
  2. 2. Protect Yourself After a Crash Caused by a Defective Tire
  3. 3. Defective Tire Claims Demand Careful Investigation and Aggressive Representation
  4. 4. Crosley Law: Experienced Tire Defect Attorneys

Every year, defects in car tires cause about 11,000 crashes in the United States. Many of these wrecks are catastrophic, and the victims often suffer serious injuries.

If a defective tire caused a crash that injured you or someone you love, contact Crosley Law for a personalized evaluation of your claims. We apply advanced technologies that help identify the negligent parties and recover fair compensation for our clients. If we’re able to take your case, we’ll pursue your claims relentlessly and aggressively using the best available methods and techniques.

Tire Defects Cause Fatal Car Accidents Nationwide

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Tire Defects Can Cause Rollovers and Blowouts

Tire tread defects frequently cause rollover accidents. These defects often cause the tire tread to separate and peel away from the rest of the tire, causing a sudden blowout. When this happens, the driver loses control over the vehicle’s direction and speed. In the worst cases, the vehicle rolls over, which often leads to serious injuries.

People who drive SUVs are especially vulnerable to rollover crashes because their vehicles have a narrow wheelbase and a high center of gravity. When these factors combine with a dangerous, defective tire, the results are often deadly.

However, dangerous defects have been found on tires for all sorts of vehicles. Tire recalls have been issued for tires manufactured by Bridgestone, Cooper, Firestone, Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear, Yokohama, and others.

Protect Yourself After a Crash Caused by a Defective Tire

While it’s important to properly maintain your tires and take tire recalls seriously, you can’t completely protect yourself from unknown tire defects, no matter how careful you are. If you or a loved one suffer injuries due to a tire defect, you should:

  • Call 911 and make an accident report
  • Take pictures of the tire and the accident scene
  • Identify eyewitnesses and get their contact information
  • Seek medical attention for your injuries
  • Consult a lawyer who has experience handling claims that involve defective tires
  • Keep the tire, or have your personal injury lawyer send a preservation letter to the tire’s owner

Don’t Miss Out on Product Liability Compensation After a Car Wreck

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Remember that if the tire gets destroyed, it will make your defective product claim incredibly difficult to win. At Crosley Law, we help our clients preserve evidence and carefully investigate their claims, working with respected experts when necessary.

Defective Tire Claims Demand Careful Investigation and Aggressive Representation

Tire manufacturers and their insurance companies aggressively defend themselves against product defect claims. Without expert witnesses, strong evidence, and careful damage calculations, you’ll be at a serious disadvantage.

At Crosley Law, we apply cutting-edge strategies to tire defect claims. Working with engineers and other expert witnesses, we study crash reports, eyewitness statements, and physical evidence to reconstruct the crash and identify all its causes.

Once we understand each party’s liability, we file claims on behalf of our clients and demand accountability. In every claim we handle, our goal is delivering an exceptional client experience and obtaining just compensation for our clients’ injuries.

Crosley Law: Experienced Tire Defect Attorneys

The attorneys at Crosley Law have experience litigating injury cases that involve defective tires and presenting those cases to a jury for maximum impact. Our attorneys go right to the scene of your accident to conduct a thorough investigation. We retrieve tire fragments and take photos that show how tread separation caused or contributed to the crash. And we work closely with law enforcement to preserve the vital evidence that is so important to your case.

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Our attorneys have studied the complex technical issues that come into play for defective tire claims, and we have forged strategic relationships with experts in physics, engineering, design, and manufacturing so they can help juries understand how negligent manufacturing and design can lead to devastating wrecks and serious injuries.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car wreck and you believe a tire defect played a role in the crash, call us at 210-LAW-3000 | 210-529-3000 or fill out the free consultation request form on this page to get a free, no-risk assessment of your case from an experienced attorney.


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