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Client Testimonials

Here are some of the things our clients have to say about us:

Client Success Stories

Client Story: Scot R.’s Case

Client Story: Truck Wreck Victim

Client Story: Karen C’s Case

Client Story: Olivia’s Case

Client Story: Becky’s Case

Client Story: Priscilla’s Case

Client Story: Karen’s Case

“Truly Compassionate.”

Client Story: Harlod’s Case

Client Story: Car Accident Victim

“I would highly recommend..”

Real Client Stories – Alexandria P.

“Really good people!”

The Antillon Family

“Prompt and Helpful”

“I felt valued.”

Working for the Client

“Treated like a big case.”

“Made me feel like a priority.”

“They were interested in me.”

“All our questions were answered.”

“I am thrilled with my settlement!”

“I always knew what was happening.”

“I would highly recommend the law firm.”

“Informed and responsive.”

“Crosley Law won for me!”

“Courteous and quick!”

“Very fast and very fair”

“Professionalism and Integrity”

“Fluid and Easy”

“Results were phenomenal!”

“Extremely satisfied.”

  • Jarryd got me the very best settlement that he possibly could for injuries that I had received in an automobile accident. Jarryd was, prompt, thorough, and professional; but, above all Jarryd made me feel like my case was the most important case in the world to him. And, you can't learn that in Law School; that is who really Jarryd is.

    Originally posted by Sam to Avvo
  • The Crosley Law Firm has been excellent. They are all very professional, and throughout the whole practice it is evident they take great care of their clients. Mr. Rodriguez was very thorough with us and was always a step ahead of us, which is great because we knew he was taking care of our case and making it a priority. This was important to us because in a grueling time the Crosley Law Firm was there for us when we needed guidance the most. Thank you Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Crosley, and support staff for making this decision one we won’t regret. In a sea of lawyers and firms, we know we chose the one that was looking out for our family’s best interests.

    Satisfied Client
  • You are an amazing firm and have treated my family and I with so much respect and concern. No matter how the case turns out, we can't thank you enough for this and all your hard, hard work!

    Lisa B.
  • Mr. Crosley and his firm have been very prompt in answering questions. As Mr. Crosley explained, this is sometimes a long process; I feel I am in good hands with the firm.

    Stephen B.
  • Thanks for what you have done. It has been handled professionally and lovingly.

    Melissa C.
  • I have been very pleased with the concern and attention [Crosley Law] has given us with my son's case. The firm has been compassionate. Thank you!

    Beth D.
  • I loved Tom and everyone I talked to... You all are fantastic!

    Caroline D.
  • All staff members have been very professional and polite and have continually updated my spouse and I on our case. Very reassuring!

    Sam G.
  • Very friendly staff.

    Rosa B. and Gonzalo G.
  • I want to thank you and your staff for all the help you have given me and my family in this matter. If ever I have another issue, you and your firm will be at the top of my list. The whole experience has been excellent. Y'all are truly the best.

    Tina H.
  • Crosley Law Firm is what any client would need. Excellent — thank you.

    Nancy H.
  • Keep up the good work, Mr. Crosley and Robert Solis; both of you are the best lawyers I have EVER had!

    Rebecca L.
  • You've got my business! Thanks for taking care of us!

    Monica P.
  • My experience with your office has been the easiest throughout this whole ordeal. Because of your office staff, I've been able to handle it all. Thank you!

    Dianne Ryan
  • Excellent job — keep up the good work!

    Client who wished to remain anonymous
  • I am very happy that I chose you to represent me. I would also like to tell you what an excellent job your staff is doing. Thank you.

    Ute T.
  • Based upon other experiences with other law firms, I am extremely impressed with the attention I have received and the efforts made on my behalf relating to my case.

    Teresa W.
  • Could not ask for a better law firm — I am extremely comfortable and very pleased with Mr. Crosley and staff.

    Mary Y.
  • Thank you! You guys are great!

    Celeste B.
  • Very pleased with your firm. I would use it again.

    Ronaldo E.
  • Experience was overall great. Thank you for everything, everyone. Everyone made a difference.

    Maria F.
  • Appreciate your work and following through till the end.

    Floyd G.
  • I was very pleased with the service [Crosley Law] gave and my dealing with your firm as a whole. I had another attorney in another matter months prior, and you completely redeemed your profession in my eyes.

    Michael W.
  • Thank you very much for everyone's time and work involved in this matter.

    Joe W.
  • I am always aware of the status of the case through regular updates. I have implicit trust in the ability of Thomas and his team to protect my rights.

    William S.
  • I really like how quickly the paralegals, especially Robert, return my emails and answer any questions I have.

    Chelsea G.
  • I feel my case is a difficult one, and I appreciate so much all you have done to assist me. I am very hopeful for a great outcome, but either way I am very, very grateful for all you have done to make me feel less hopeless. Thank you so much. You have a wonderful staff, and I really wish you would practice other kinds of law.

    Elia L.
  • Tom, I can't thank you enough for all you have done to resolve my car accident with such a successful outcome! When I came to you, it was with very little hope of getting any kind of ‘just’ settlement after the way [the insurance company] treated me. I truly appreciate your commitment and hard work. You are above the rest in my book. It is clear that you expect nothing but the best from yourself and your staff and will continue to reap the rewards that go with it. Thank you for always treating me with respect and having patience—I know I am not one of your big clients. Thanks again for everything, and best of luck in all your endeavors.

    Angie K.
  • Thank you! I'm very satisfied with the outcome and the professionalism of Crosley Law Firm.

    Jaime R.
  • I was run over by a drunk driver while off duty on my motorcycle. I had a broken leg and missed two months of work. I hired Crosley Law Firm to help me get fairly compensated for my injuries. During each step of my case, they kept me in the loop. They made me feel comfortable. I did not feel like I was just another case. I am very satisfied with my settlement. Mr. Crosley, personally, was very engaged in my case. He, along with his excellent staff, made me feel like a priority. I recommend them highly.

    Albert T., SAPD Officer
  • [I was seeking] assistance and guidance in filing a claim after an automobile accident — wanted to be sure I was protected and did not end up owing medical bills after surgery. Tom Crosley made an impression initially of being a man who listened. He also explained clearly and patiently answered my questions. Robert, Amanda, and the rest of his team exhibited integrity throughout the process. My [case] was handled professionally and settled with a result far better than I anticipated. You will be working with a wonderful team who are professional and helpful throughout the process. Even if it is long, the journey is worth it.

    Elizabeth H.
  • I am very happy and satisfied with what this law firm is doing for me.

    Inez L.
  • Your meticulousness and intensity in doing your work is truly impressive, as is your expertise in brain injury. There are a handful [of attorneys] who are beyond thorough and do an outstanding job of mastering the subject and controlling the process — you are among that group, and in my mind, that truly makes you an outstanding attorney. I just wanted you to know that among a lot of great attorneys I work with, you stand out as one of the few that goes to a superlative level of performance. Obviously, I was impressed.

    Neuropsychologist in Dallas
  • I just wanted to thank you again for all that you have done.  Words seem so inadequate to show my appreciation for everything.  You have been so awesome.  You have taken what seemed like a very bad situation and made it not quite so bad. I truly appreciate your patience, concern, and support! Thank you again!

  • I was sent to Crosley Law firm by the state as my original lawyer had serious medical issues arise. My case took 30 months and [Crosley Law] were true warriors fighting for my rights. 18 months was with [Crosley Law], since going there it feels like they treat everybody like family! I would and have recommended Crosley Law firm to people I know and they were extremely satisfied with the results they have received. The hardest part was dealing with worker's comp but [Crosley Law] stayed the course and trudged straight through. I am extremely satisfied with every thing they did for me.

    Ronald H.
  • Tom Crosley’s efforts on my behalf changed my life. The results were so much better than I ever thought possible. Crosley is ALWAYS working on your case and on your behalf. I felt Tom and his staff protected me in every way. Tom “had my back.”

    The Cardenas
  • Everyone was very caring and compassionate.

  • Crosley Law Firm will do everything in their power to help you.

    Karen L.

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