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Tom Crosley and his team have obtained settlements of $1 million or greater in more than 40 cases, including several cases where the final settlement amounts exceeded $5 million each.

As a result of this success, Mr. Crosley has been invited to the “Multimillion Dollar Advocates Forum” on several occasions.

Crosley Law Firm’s record of achieving major settlements throughout our history has been outstanding, and we are proud to share our case results with you.

$28 Million

A top 100 largest jury verdicts in the nation

A drunk driver killed a beloved father and severely injured his wife. Our clients received one of the top 100 jury verdicts in the nation that year, giving them the closure and justice they needed.

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$20 Millon

Settlement of Traumatic Brain Injury Case

Our client suffered a severe brain injury when he was run over while riding his bicycle. He was in a coma for several weeks and will require supervision for the remainder of his life. The settlement funded a trust that will provide for his life-long needs.

$16 Million

Traumatic Brain Injury from a Head-On Collision

Our client suffered a mild traumatic brain injury from a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler truck tractor. The case later settled for $6 million. This is a story of results, of digging deeper, of seeking out medical expertise, and of the attorneys at Crosley Law Firm doing everything in their power to make sure justice was delivered to their client.

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$12 Million

Oil Field Explosion Wrongful Death Case

Our client, a married father of two young children, was killed in an explosion on an oil field drilling site in West Texas. We filed a lawsuit against several companies that caused or contributed to dangerous conditions that led to the explosion.

$11.5 Million

Trampoline Park Premises Liability Jury Verdict

Our 16-year-old client sustained a traumatic brain injury at an indoor trampoline park. At trial, we won a record-breaking verdict against the negligent company. The case later settled for $5,250,000.

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$9 Million

Truck Crash Wrongful Death Settlement

A grieving mother turned to Crosley Law when a truck driver tried to blame her daughter for a fatal wreck. We uncovered dashcam and GPS data that proved the trucker was fully to blame for the crash. Our team also documented the driver's long history of reckless driving, trucking company negligence, and our client's profound losses, resulting in a $9 million settlement.

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$9 Million

Pedestrian Struck by a Delivery Driver

Our client, a 24-year-old pedestrian, was struck by a delivery driver. He suffered two broken legs, soft tissue injuries, and a traumatic brain injury. The case settled at mediation for $9,000,000. According to Verdict Search, this was one of the highest settlements of that year nationwide for this type of case.

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$6.3 Million

Vehicle Fire Product Liability Settlement

A vehicle fire led to burn injuries and a fatality. We filed claims against the vehicle manufacturer and negotiated a settlement for the victims.

$6.2 Million

Unlawful Debt Collection Class Action Suit

We handled a consumer class action on behalf of 77,000 Texas residents who were subjected to unlawful debt collection practices by a credit card company that threatened to place liens on their homes in violation of Texas law.

$6 Million

Traumatic Brain Injury from Head-On Collision

Our client, a 46-year-old plumber, suffered multiple injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, during a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler truck tractor. This case got national attention due to the verdict's size and Tom Crosley's use of cutting-edge scientific evidence.

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$5.5 Million

Traumatic Brain Injury Settlement

After a severe brain injury, our team negotiated a settlement for the victim and his family.

$5.25 Million

Trampoline Park Premises Liability Settlement

Our client, a teenage boy, suffered a skull fracture and brain injury at a poorly maintained trampoline park. We reached a settlement two months after winning a record-breaking $11,485,000.00 jury verdict.

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