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It doesn’t take much to injure a shoulder, and even a minor car accident can cause serious damage. If you’re experiencing shoulder pain after a crash, you need to take the issue seriously and get checked out by a physician right away before the injury becomes worse. Depending on the extent of your injury, you may need a sling, ongoing physical therapy, or even surgery.

If someone else’s negligence caused your crash, you should speak with an experienced car wreck attorney for help seeking compensation for your injuries and medical expenses. Continue reading to learn more about common shoulder injuries that result from car crashes and what to do after your crash.

The Complex Anatomy of the Shoulder

The shoulder is one of the most complex parts of the body and is made up of a series of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Before we get into how a car crash can affect your shoulder, we’re going to discuss how the different parts of your shoulder work together to ensure you have a full range of motion in your arm.

Your shoulder joint is comprised of three main bones; the collar bone, the shoulder blade, and the upper arm bone, known as the humerus. Four components hold these three bones together and ensure you have full arm movement.

  • Acromioclavicular Joint: The acromioclavicular joint is where the shoulder blade and the collar bone meet.
  • Glenohumeral Joint: This joint is where the ball and socket of your shoulder meets.
  • Rotator Cuff: The rotator cuff is a network of tendons and muscles that connects the humerus in your upper arm to the shoulder blade, keeping your humerus in the socket.
  • Joint Capsule: The joint capsule is a sac made up of ligaments (soft tissue) filled with fluid that surrounds and lubricates the shoulder joint.

Top 3 Shoulder Injuries that Result from Car Crashes

Due to the complexity of the inner workings of your shoulders, they are very easily injured in car crashes. Here we’ll discuss the three most common shoulder injuries that result from car crashes and symptoms you may be experiencing.

” If you’re experiencing shoulder pain after a crash, you need to take the issue seriously and get checked out by a physician right away before the injury becomes worse.”

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Rotator Cuff Tears and Shoulder Impingement

The tendons and muscles in your rotator cuffs are very susceptible to tearing. When the shoulder blade pulls and pinches the muscles and tendons of your rotator cuff, this is known as shoulder impingement. If you’ve torn a rotator cuff or have shoulder impingement, you may experience:

    • Pain when moving your arm or lifting anything
    • Shoulder weakness
    • Limited range of arm motion

Shoulder Joint or Labral Tears

A shoulder joint tear, sometimes called a labral tear, is a rip in the fibrous tissue that keeps the humerus locked into your shoulder’s socket. Symptoms may include:

    • Shoulder pain with strenuous activities, especially when reaching upwards
    • Catching, locking, popping, and grinding sensations
    • Shoulder instability and weakness
    • Limited range of arm motion


In more serious car crashes, the bones in your shoulder can be broken or fractured by the impact of the crash. If you have broken or fractured your shoulder bones, you will likely experience:

    • Shoulder pain caused by any movement
    • Swelling and tenderness
    • A bump or discoloration at the site of the fracture

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Seek Medical Help Immediately After Your Accident

If you have an injured shoulder as the result of a car crash, you should seek medical care immediately. Even minor shoulder pain can be a sign of a serious, underlying issue. And if your shoulder pain remains untreated, your condition could worsen.

Common Treatments for Soft Tissue Injuries

Treatments for rotator cuff and joint tears typically involve physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medication. Serious tears may require surgery to repair.

Common Treatments for Fractures

Minor fractures usually require the use of a sling to immobilize the shoulder while your body naturally heals the break. With more serious fractures or breaks, surgery will likely be required to bring the bone fragments together and repair your shoulder.

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