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Due to their size, weight, and design, cement mixer trucks are more likely to roll over than many other vehicles. Recently, a New Braunfels man died in a fatal cement truck crash, adding to the number of Texas crashes involving these dangerous vehicles. Keep reading to learn more about cement mixers and how to protect yourself after a crash.

Cement Truck Crashes Are Surprisingly Common in Texas

On October 13, 2018, a cement truck collided with a car driven by an 83-year-old man in New Braunfels, Texas. While the driver survived the initial impact, he died shortly afterward at the San Antonio Military Medical Center. Crosley Law sends our deepest condolences to his friends and family.

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Unfortunately, cement truck crashes are surprisingly common in Texas. In addition to the October 2018 crash, a brief review of recent crash reports includes:

  • August 2018: A cement truck rolled over in Alamo when it swerved in traffic.
  • July 2018: The Waco Fire Department had to use the “jaws of life” to free victims after a cement truck lost control and struck two other vehicles.
  • July 2018: A cement truck in Montgomery County lost control while navigating a curve and rolled over, leaving the driver in critical condition.
  • July 2018: A cement truck driver was injured after his truck rolled over in Bullard, Texas.
  • June 2018: A cement truck rolled over and hit a traffic signal pole in Marble Falls, Texas.
  • April 2018: A Houston-area driver died when he lost control of his cement truck.
  • January 2017: A San Antonio cement truck driver lost control of their vehicle and crushed the bed of a pickup truck.

While this list isn’t comprehensive, it reflects a national trend. In 2015, there were almost 1,400 documented crashes involving concrete mixers in the United States.

“In 2015, there were almost 1,400 documented crashes involving concrete mixers in the United States.”

Why Are Cement Trucks So Dangerous?

Cement mixers pose a unique hazard due to their high center of gravity and uneven weight distribution. Because concrete trucks often weigh between 26,000 and almost 70,000 pounds, they also require longer than average stopping distances. Finally, poor visibility and large blind spots make cement trucks even more dangerous.

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Together, all these factors put cement mixers at high risk for a rollover at any speed. And when these trucks are filled with wet concrete that needs to be delivered, drivers often feel pressure to drive as quickly as possible.

Protect Yourself After a Cement Mixer Accident

After a serious crash with a cement mixer or other commercial vehicle, you can improve your likelihood of getting compensation by following the steps below. You can also download our free guide:

Free Guide: 5 Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Wreck

Get Immediate Medical Attention

With many truck wrecks, victims require immediate medical attention and hospitalization for severe injuries. Other times, injuries like a herniated disc or traumatic brain injury (TBI) can take days or even weeks to appear. No matter when your symptoms develop, you should seek medical attention as quickly as possible if you have been hit by a truck. Your medical records can become crucial evidence in your insurance claim or lawsuit.

Call the Authorities

You should always call 911 and report your accident after a crash with a commercial vehicle. Sometimes, a commercial driver will try to discourage you from calling the police, especially if their vehicle sustained only minor damage. However, you should always report your crash and cooperate with the police investigation.

Preserve Any Evidence

In a cement mixer claim, images can become important evidence. Try to have someone take pictures of your injuries, the crash site, the vehicles, etc. If possible, have them get witnesses’ contact information as well.

Consult With a Personal Injury Lawyer

Claims involving commercial vehicles can quickly become complicated. Frequently, there are competing insurance policies, and adjusters will try to shift blame to one another. Instead of leaving you stuck in the middle, the team at Crosley Law helps clients stand up to insurance companies and demand fair compensation.

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a cement mixer claim or lawsuit, contact Crosley Law. We have built a reputation for our detailed investigations, careful financial calculations, and providing an exceptional client experience. To learn more about our sophisticated approach to commercial truck claims, contact our office.

Crosley Law: We Fight for Texas Cement Truck Crash Victims

Crosley Law has one purpose: helping crash victims recover from their injuries. When you work with one of our experienced injury lawyers, you’ll get personalized advice and strategies tailored to your specific needs. To request a free consultation with Crosley Law, call us at 210-LAW-3000 | 210-529-3000 or complete our online form.


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