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3 Reasons Why Doctors Pick Crosley Law for Their Injury Claims

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At Crosley Law, our clients are as diverse as San Antonio. We’re proud to serve our community and help them through difficult times. Over the years, we’ve noticed that many of our clients are doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. 

Based on conversations with many of these clients, here are three of the top reasons why healthcare professionals pick our law firm after a car crash or another injury. 

1. Complex Injury Claims Require Medical Expertise

Injury lawyers don’t just have to understand Texas’ laws; they also need to have a sophisticated understanding of how the human body works and how doctors diagnose and treat traumatic injuries. However, they don’t teach anatomy and physiology in law school, and not all lawyers have the same level of medical knowledge. 

Unlike most of us, doctors and nurses often understand the severity of their injuries as well as the challenges they’ll face while they heal. Injured healthcare professionals may even know the people who greet them at the ER. This knowledge and awareness can also guide their search for an injury lawyer. 

“I’ve represented a great number of medical doctors in injury cases,” says Tom Crosley, the founding attorney of Crosley Law. “They’re interesting clients because they understand the medicine, and they expect their lawyers to understand the medicine.” 

2. Healthcare Professionals Value Their Colleagues’ Opinions

Crosley Law recently helped a surgeon, Kelly, recover from a catastrophic car crash that broke her wrist and leg. She spent months in a wheelchair, unable to work. She needed help, but she also didn’t want a lawyer who just relied on flashy ads to attract clients.  

Kelly notes that healthcare workers value data and peer reviews, not empty promises or slick TV commercials. She turned to her godmother, a respected legal professional, and she also asked others whose opinions she valued; all of them encouraged Kelly to call our firm. 

“The first name [my godmother] mentioned was Tom Crosley,” Kelly says. 

“[The team at Crosley Law is] ethical, loyal, and confidential,” Larry says. “They answered calls on the first ring or first text with great communication skills. They exude confidence, and they earn your trust.”

Injury law and healthcare often intersect; our lawyers are continually working with our clients’ physicians and medical experts. Almost every day, we’re discussing our clients’ medical issues, taking depositions, and consulting with them about their patients’ current and future medical needs.  

Doctors, nurses, therapists, and other healthcare professionals can learn a lot about an attorney during these interactions by seeing their approach firsthand. So, it’s always a compliment when someone in the healthcare field recommends Crosley Law. 

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3. Professionalism and Mutual Respect Matter During Difficult Times

Physicians and nurses want to be treated as respected peers during an injury claim, and so should you. At Crosley Law, we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional, informative client experience. When you work with our team, we’ll give you the time and education you need and deserve. 

For example, while Kelly understood the medical issues she was facing, she wasn’t familiar with the litigation process. For her, this knowledge gap made her anxious. Crosley Law gave her peace of mind. At every step, our team kept her informed and carefully explained their strategies and legal procedures.   

“Every time I had contact with Tom or his office, it just seemed like, ‘you’re dealing with competent, professional individuals,’” Kelly says. 

Another client, Larry, an ophthalmologist, echoed Kelly’s sentiment. 

“[The team at Crosley Law is] ethical, loyal, and confidential,” Larry says. “They answered calls on the first ring or first text with great communication skills. They exude confidence, and they earn your trust.” 

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Crosley Law: Trusted by Texas’ and San Antonio’s Medical Community

If you or someone you love suffered injuries during a car crash or another traumatic incident, contact Crosley Law today. We’ll help you understand your legal options and provide the emotional support you need. You can schedule a free consultation and case evaluation by calling us at 210-LAW-3000 | 210-529-3000 or by completing our online contact form

The content provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject. 

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