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Francine’s Story

Crash Victim Settles Her Claims Against a Reckless Truck Driver for more than $250,000

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An Unsafe Lane Change Changes Francine’s Life

On a pleasant April evening, Francine M. was driving on Interstate 35, alongside an 18-wheeler. Suddenly, the semi-truck veered into her lane and collided with her sedan. The force of the impact crushed and ripped large gashes into the driver’s side of Francine’s car.

At the scene of the crash, law enforcement cited the truck driver with an unsafe lane change. Francine’s vehicle was undrivable and had to be towed away.

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Francine Suffers From Debilitating Pain and a Mild TBI

Within days of her crash, Francine sought medical care for excruciating headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, concentration problems, and other concerns. Her doctor diagnosed her with a concussion, neck muscle strain, and strains around her shoulder and back. They also recommended a series of diagnostic tests and prescribed medication.

Testing and further examinations identified a series of herniated discs in Francine’s neck and low back. Unfortunately, intensive physical therapy and medications did not resolve her increasing pain and limited range of motion. By October, Francine was seeing a chronic pain specialist for her headaches, back, leg, and hip pain. Her symptoms decreased her ability to work, drive, and perform simple activities like mowing her lawn.

Over the next year, Francine was diagnosed with other health issues that stemmed from the crash. She experienced continued and spreading pain, dizziness, ringing in her ears, memory loss, and other forms of cognitive decline.

Due to her injuries, she received a multitude of medical procedures, including:

  • Physical therapy
  • Pain management therapy
  • Lumbar epidural steroid injections
  • Cervical epidural steroid injections
  • Lumbar discograms
  • Lumbar disc decompressions
  • Bilateral occipital nerve blocks (steroid injections into the nerves)
  • Cognitive re-training
  • Vestibular therapy for dizziness, vertigo, and vision issues

A year after her crash, Francine had more than $80,000 in medical bills from the incident.

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“I didn’t really have anything to worry about, they took care of everything.”

Crosley Law’s Investigation Clearly Proves Liability and Leads to a Settlement

Luckily, another lawyer referred Francine to Crosley Law. Days after her crash, she met with our team of truck wreck lawyers and started building a plan.

Crosley Law’s team acted quickly and decisively. Our first step was encouraging Francine to take her health seriously and seek all the medical treatments and necessary tests to ensure her health and well-being.

We also investigated the crash and the at-fault driver, discovering a pattern of reckless driving behavior and traffic tickets. Shockingly, the trucking company agreed to hire this bad driver, even though the company was aware of his poor driving record and a previous termination after a positive drug test.

As part of our investigation, Crosley Law took the truck driver’s deposition, where the lawyers questioned him under oath. During his testimony, the driver admitted:

  • He disclosed his history of a positive drug test to his employer, but it still hired him.
  • He failed to take the mandatory drug test after the crash with Francine.
  • He agreed that he caused the crash and deserved a ticket for an unsafe lane change.

To further strengthen the case, Crosley Law collected evidence, including crash reports and medical records, and hired medical experts. All of this helped describe the extent of Francine’s injuries and prove that the crash caused them.

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Francine Settles Her Injury Claims and Gets the Compensation She Deserves

Based on the overwhelming evidence and the driver’s admissions of fault, the trucking company agreed to settle Francine’s claims. Crosley Law also negotiated extensively with her medical providers – who eventually agreed to provide Francine a discount off their total charges.

Due to Crosley Law’s attention to detail, aggressive strategies, and experience, Francine received a settlement for more than $250,000.

“I was very pleased with what they did,” said Francine when asked about her experience working with Crosley Law, “I didn’t really have anything to worry about, they took care of everything.”

Crosley Law | Experienced Advocates for Truck Victims

Texas truck wrecks are complicated and require precise legal strategies. At Crosley Law, we have significant experience handling commercial vehicle claims, and have the knowledge and experts needed to sift through the evidence and hold at-fault drivers and companies accountable.

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