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Esther’s Story

Crosley Law Helps a Grieving Family Find a New Purpose

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Esther’s Family Suffers a Sudden and Unexpected Loss

Only two months after receiving a cancer diagnosis, Esther Cardenas Pipoly’s husband Carl passed away. A beloved husband, father, and attorney, Carl’s sudden death left his family reeling.

Esther found herself struggling through the complex process of closing Carl’s law practice, communicating with his former clients, tending to her children, and managing her grief. However, she was thankful that Carl had purchased a $1 million life insurance policy that would help her adjust financially to her new reality as a single parent.

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The Insurance Company Denies Esther’s Life Insurance Claim

Shortly after Carl’s death, Esther filed a life insurance claim. To her shock, she received a denial of benefits after a four-month investigation. Even though Carl had done his best to disclose all his doctors and medical care in his applications, the insurance company claimed that he failed to tell them about a recommendation from his doctor for a procedure which may have detected his cancer earlier.

Amazingly, the insurance company didn’t even try to argue that this procedure was medically necessary or that it would have saved Carl’s life. Instead, the company said that just because the recommended procedure was not reported, the omission voided Carl’s life insurance policy entirely.

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Crosley Law Helps Esther Find Peace and Rebuild After Her Loss

Overwhelmed, Esther turned to Tom Crosley of Crosley Law for help. Tom had been friends with Carl and was honored to help his family during their time of need. Tom’s team of experts carefully analyzed Carl’s life insurance applications and all his signed forms, then evaluated them in the context of Texas law.

As the Crosley Law investigation proceeded, holes began to appear in the insurance company’s story. Documents showed that Carl had disclosed all his doctors’ names and his relevant medical history. He also signed a medical release that gave the insurance company permission to contact his doctors and get more information about his conditions. However, the company chose not to request any additional information. Instead, it just issued the life insurance policy and accepted Carl’s monthly premium payments.

The Crosley Law team showed this evidence to the insurance company and, after intense negotiations, the company finally agreed to a settlement in a mediation before trial. The settlement paid Esther the full value of the life insurance policy, plus attorneys’ fees on top of that, so that Esther and her family would be put in the same position she would have been if the insurance company had paid the claim in the first place.

Even though she was still grieving the loss of her husband, Esther saw her settlement as an opportunity. With the proceeds, she sought specialized training and founded the support organization Loss of Life Advocates (LOLA). Today, Esther provides counseling and planning services for people who are facing an unexpected death as well as those who want help planning for their own passing. LOLA is also introducing a certification program that will help others mentor and assist people with the difficult process of wrapping up a loved one’s affairs.

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Esther notes that she couldn’t have done any of this without Crosley Law.

“For anybody who goes through a litigation case, it’s not something that happens really quickly,” Esther says. “You have to have fighters for you, and that’s exactly what Tom did. He looked out for me. He became a hero for me and my kids.”

LOLA now provides counseling services to Crosley Law’s clients who have experienced the loss of a loved one, bringing Esther’s story full-circle.

Crosley Law: Dedicated to Our Clients and Their Loved Ones

While Crosley Law typically focuses on personal injury claims, Esther’s case demonstrates the care and dedication our attorneys give every one of their clients. When you work with the Crosley Law team, you’ll receive personalized advice and attention along with aggressive and dedicated representation.

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