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How Can I Find a Law Firm That Will Give Me a Good Client Experience?

Written by Tom Crosley
Mar 17, 2021 Catastrophic Personal Injury, Personal Injury
  1. 1. Car Crash Involving Three Insurance Companies and Two States Ends with Settlement
  2. 2. Accident Experts Help Family Find Peace of Mind and Closure
  3. 3. Crosley Law Gets Crash Victim Compensation He Deserved—and to His Daughter’s Wedding
  4. 4. A Young Doctor Rebuilds and Finds Peace of Mind
  5. 5. Crosley Law: Using Research and Expertise to Fight for Your Personal Injury Case

Finding the right attorney to handle your car accident claim or personal injury case is an intimidating process. You want a lawyer with the experience, attention to detail, and confidence to properly help you navigate every step of your legal journey. But you also want a personal injury attorney who is committed to your best interests and will fight on your behalf.

Crosley Law’s injury lawyers know that your case is important. It’s important to us, too. That’s why we treat every case—large and small—as the most critical one in our office. When you retain Crosley Law to represent you in a personal injury case, you can expect us to dig into the details and fight for your rights. Our dedication to a positive attorney-client relationship even carries on after a case has been resolved because our team will work to keep your settlement in your hands, safe from insurance companies and other creditors.

Here are a few stories about how we went the extra mile for our clients, harnessing the latest tools and technology while relying on experience built both in and out of the courtroom.

Car Crash Involving Three Insurance Companies and Two States Ends with Settlement

While visiting family in Illinois, another vehicle rear-ended the car Rhonda was traveling in at a high speed. Due to the wreck, she needed a hip replacement surgery and had difficulties doing everyday activities like using stairs, pushing a shopping cart, walking long distances, and picking up her grandchildren. She lost her balance easily and feared that a nudge would cause a fall. She even sold her home and moved to one with fewer stairs.

The Illinois law firm Rhonda initially hired wasn’t invested in her case. They pushed her to settle and told her she’d be lucky to get her medical bills covered. After a year and a half, Rhonda decided to get a second opinion.

Crosley Law impressed her with their competence and professionalism. Rhonda had claims with three different insurance policies in two different states (Texas and Illinois) and no one had helped her. The insurance companies also didn’t factor in future medical needs from Rhonda’s replaced hip. Armed with new information, Crosley Law restarted settlement discussions with the insurance companies, and Rhonda was able to settle all her claims for $408,461.80. After paying her costs and attorney fees, she received $273,869.04.

“Everyone is very kind and caring,” Rhonda said. “They treated me like family!”

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Accident Experts Help Family Find Peace of Mind and Closure

After a long shift working in the oil fields, Michael was making the seven-hour trip back to his home to see his wife and daughters. On his way home, his vehicle smashed into the back of semi-truck that was pulled over on the shoulder of the highway and had partially blocked an entrance ramp. Tragically, he died from his injuries.

After an investigation found a CPAP machine (a device that helps treat sleep apnea) and sleep medications in Michael’s vehicle, authorities blamed the wreck on both driver fatigue and the big truck’s location on the road. State troopers also blamed Michael for an unsafe lane change.

Michael’s family needed financial help. The insurance company had denied the family’s claims, arguing that Michael caused the wreck. Michael’s wife, Jill, contacted Crosley Law. Our team listened to her story, gathered the facts, and went to work.

We worked with a team of experts, including specialists who focus on accident reconstruction, the mechanics and maintenance of tractor-trailer brakes, and fleet safety. Our detailed and comprehensive investigation convinced us that the big rig’s brake failure had been preventable.

Some law firms may not have put so much effort in, but our team knew the work was essential to help Jill and her daughters find justice. We were able to help Jill get a settlement that will help fund her daughters’ college educations.

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Crosley Law Gets Crash Victim Compensation He Deserved—and to His Daughter’s Wedding

Booker was stopped at a yield sign waiting for traffic to pass when a distracted and inattentive driver rear-ended his vehicle. Booker injured his back in the crash, and he later received appropriate medical care for his injuries. His therapy and treatment resulted in nearly $32,000 in medical bills.

Because the at-fault driver was underinsured, Booker worried about how he was going to recover compensation to cover his medical and therapy bills, in addition to the damage to his vehicle. Thankfully, he turned to Crosley Law for help. With Crosley Law’s insight and aggressive tactics, our team was able to get Booker fair settlements. 

Crosley Law even helped arrange transportation for Booker to travel to Florida, allowing him to spend a week with his daughter and family over Christmas and attend her wedding.

“It was a beautiful wedding, beautiful everything,” Booker said. “If it wasn’t for Crosley Law Firm, I probably would never have made it.”

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A Young Doctor Rebuilds and Finds Peace of Mind

Kelly was stopped in traffic when a distracted truck driver rear-ended her. Kelly’s small SUV launched forward and struck another vehicle. She woke up in the hospital with a concussion and a broken leg and wrist. Because she had not yet started working as a surgeon, she had no health insurance to cover her injuries.

Kelly’s godmother was a retired judge. She recommended that Kelly contact Tom Crosley.  Kelly immediately knew she was in good hands. The Crosley Law team impressed her with their competence, professionalism, and willingness to educate her.

For example, Kelly felt anxious about an upcoming mediation where she and her lawyers would try to resolve her claims. To calm her fears, Crosley Law patiently outlined what she could expect and what she would need to do. Eventually, Kelly reached a settlement for a total of $1,005,000. After paying her medical bills, attorneys’ fees, and legal costs, Kelly received $516,764.93.

“Word of mouth about this law firm from people well-versed in the legal world here in San Antonio, along with my personal experience, is why I would very much recommend Tom Crosley,” Kelly says.

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Crosley Law: Using Research and Expertise to Fight for Your Personal Injury Case

The experienced attorneys at Crosley Law go the extra mile to help you get the compensation you deserve. Our clients can expect to be continually informed about the progress of their cases and supported at every step of their journey.

See Our Track Record of Success

We use the latest technology to connect people, answer important questions, and share information that provides the best possible service for our clients. We work closely with engineers, accident reconstruction specialists, and other expert witnesses to identify the precise causes of our clients’ crashes and injuries. Unlike the insurance company, who may try to minimize your claims’ value, our personal injury lawyers will provide you with honest, practical advice, and we’re not afraid to take an injury case to trial to get a reasonable settlement. 

If you would like to learn more about how we handle personal injury claims, contact us by completing our online form or calling 210-LAW-3000 | 210-529-3000 to schedule a free consultation with an attorney. 

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